Lipsticks are awesome!

Today’s post is going to be about lipsticks. I’m not wearing that much lipstick but i like them so much.

The first lipstick has no brand. My mom actually gave it to me. The colour is pink but a little bit reddish. The pigmentation is good and it stays for 4-5 hours . Even if you try to get it off it still stays a little bit pink on your lips.
The second lipstick is from Farmasi . The colour is red and it stays again 4-5 hours. It’s easy to get it off and the pigmentation is good. It’s not a bright red but it’s not dark red too. It’s easy to apply and it feels so good on your skin.

DSCF5929 DSCF5931DSCF5955
The other lipstick is actually a lip balm . It’s by Cien. If you put too much on your lips the color turns into white and it doesn’t look nice. It’s soft and easy to apply.
DSCF5933 DSCF5934 DSCF5953
The next it’s a lip balm again. It’s made from rose oil. The colour is bright pink but when you apply it on your skin it doesn’t have colour and it feels so nice on your lips. It’s actually the best lip balm i have ever tried. You can apply it with fingers or with a brush.
DSCF5950 DSCF5951 DSCF5956
So , some people asked me how i do my black lipstick .I actually use eye pencil or eyeshadow and a lip balm.
DSCF5935This is how it look like without the lip balm
DSCF5941And that’s how it look with the lip balm
DSCF5949I don’t wear it outside but i like how it looks. You can put only eyeshadow and it looks the same.

So here are all of my lipsticks . They are not that much because i don’t usually wear lipstick. The other post is going to be on Friday. I hope you liked today’s post and if you liked it you can leave a comment and yeah :3

5 thoughts on “Lipsticks are awesome!

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