New Stuff from Avon


Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be about some stuff that I got from Avon. I hope you enjoy :) 

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Black outfit

Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be a Black Outfit that I wear pretty much everyday. So I hope you like it !  Continue reading

Perfume collection


Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be showing my Perfume collection. I hope you enjoy ! 
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How to : Big voluminous lashes ALL DAY!


Huys guys :) As you probably read the title today’s post is going to be how to have big voluminous lashes all day. I have tested it and after 10 hours they are still curly.So let’s get strated!

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Not using Foundation ?!?!


Hey guys :) As you saw the title I am going to talk about foundation. As you may know or not know I am NOT using any foundation on my face. Even powder.

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Yes and No brands


Hey guys :) I know that a lot of people don’t have the money for really expensive makeup , even I don’t and for that I am using drugstore products. And because there are a tons of different brands I decided to tell you from the thing I tried what I like and what I don’t. I hope you enjoy!
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Lazy Days Makeup 2

Hey guys :) Today I got a second Lazy Day Makeup post for you. I hope you like it!!

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