How to: Clean Face ?

principal-imagenes-ilahy-instituto-dermoestetico-esHey guys :) Today I decided to talk about how to get clean face and what thing you should and you shouldn’t do. Let’s get started!

So the 1st thing I want to talk about is removing makeup. Most people think that wet wipes or any product for removing makeup will remove everything and you don’t need to wash your face but that’s not true. Most of the time there is still some makeup and dirt on your face and you need to wash it (before going to bed too !!)

Another thing is that you need to find the best product for your face. I mean if your face skin is oily or dry you need to find the product for your type of skin. 

Trough out the day your face get really dirty and you need to wash it more than once. 

If you struggle with pimples or blackheads you can use a hot towel to open your pores and get everything out and with a cold towell to close your pores .

I recommend you to buy a good brush for your face so you can clean your face precisely

I hope this is helpful. If you want to see more of these posts don’t forget to follow me :)

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