Marble Trend ?


      Hey guys :) These days there are trends for everything and of course here is the Marble trend that is getting over the blogging area on the internet. I personally like marble before it was cool ; it gives that neat and luxury look that most of us like. I like both the black and white marble as they look really unique. But of course you can’t just buy marble for 2 dollars , it’s quiet expensive (it depends on where you buy it) but I know for a fact that I am not buying anything Marble today.

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Smoothie maker


Hello guys :) Today I am going to show you something new that I got. It’s a smoothie maker. As you can see I already did one and it’s really delicious!!
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The Liebster Award 2


Hey guys :) I have been nominated again for this award by healthythriftylifestylebycarson and zo20 . Thank you so much both of you for nominating me :) !!
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1 Year Anniversary

Hey guys :)  On this date a year ago I decided to start this blog. I started from not knowing pretty much nothing about makeup. Today I have learned a lot of new things and more than 100 followers ( giveaway soon). I love you guys and thank you for everything. Without you I wouldn’t be here. Thank you so so much !!

Sun glasses collection


Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be about my sun glasses collection. It’s been really sunny here and I thought about making this post for you guys :) Hope you enjoy !

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New Stuff from Avon


Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be about some stuff that I got from Avon. I hope you enjoy :) 

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