Something new for summer

Hey guys :) Today’s post is going to be about some new stuff that I got and I think that are really cool for summer look. Hope you like them!
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Planet Spa ? Is it worth it ?

Hey guys :) I wanted to do a post about these Planet Spa products that I got and tell you what I  think about them and if they are worth it buying. So let’s begin ! 

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My new adorable heels

Hey guys :) Recently I bought these adorable heels for a special occasion and I absolutely love them. I hope you like them too.
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Essence Matt Lipgloss ? Is it worth it ?

Hey guys :) Today I am going to do a review on this Essence XXXL longlasting matt lipgloss. So let’s begin !
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Lipstick that I wear frequently

Hey guys :) In today’s post I am going to show you the lipsticks that I wear the most and I hope you like them. Sometimes I only fill in my lips with lip pencil , sometimes I put only lipstick. Depends on what time I have and if I hurry. And A bonus lip balm for making your lips bigger!

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How to: Clean Face ?

principal-imagenes-ilahy-instituto-dermoestetico-esHey guys :) Today I decided to talk about how to get clean face and what thing you should and you shouldn’t do. Let’s get started!

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